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Course Catalog 2021-2022 
Course Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Learning to Learn in Math and Science - 23015

This two- or three-course connection seeks to address issues in the nature and quality of math and science education in America by strengthening the math and science training of potential teachers in unusual and stimulating ways. It will have immediate relevance and appeal to Wheaton education majors, most of whom go on to become early childhood and elementary school teachers, by increasing their confidence in understanding math and science and their appreciation for the relevance of math and science in their everyday lives. Each of these courses devotes time to modeling appropriate pedagogies and discussing differences in learning styles, ways of knowing and similar topics that develop stronger learners. All emphasize confidence building as science learners and educators. MATH 133  will specifically address issues in math education through problem-solving activities and the infusion of gender and multicultural issues in this area. EDUC 110  and EDUC 111  involve data sharing and analysis and emphasize both group field-based projects and standards-based content and preparation for subject-matter teacher tests.

Students completing this connection should plan to take the math course and the science course before EDUC 385  and EDUC 391 , which must be taken in the fall of the junior year, prior to student teaching senior year.

A two-course connection must link courses from at least two different areas; a three-course connection must link courses from three areas.