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College Catalog 2023-2024 
College Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

German Studies Major

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In this major, students pursue interdisciplinary studies in a number of fields that relate directly to German; it does not require as much proficiency in the language as does our German major. Students construct their own program of 10 courses: six or more within the German Department and, with departmental approval, up to four in other disciplines. 

Major requirements

The major in German Studies consists of a minimum of 10 credits.  

German Department Course Requirements

Other Department or Program Courses

Up to FOUR courses from other Departments. Students are strongly encouraged to work with the German Studies advisor to plan out the most suitable program of study based on individual interests and learning goals.   

Please note: If your courses from other departments and programs do not include a 300-level course, then a second 300-level course must be taken in the German Department.


These are only a few examples offered in other departments since course offerings tend to change from time to time:

ARTH 142   Introduction to Photography

ARTH 240   Art of the Avant-Gardes, 1900-1945

ECON 305   International Finance

ECON 306   International Trade

ENG 208   Anglo-Saxon Literature

HIST 112   History of Europe, 1000-1700 CE

HIST 113    History of Europe since 1700 CE

HIST 214   European Military History

HIST 228   European Jewish History

HIST 240   German History: 1648-Present

HIST 327    Europe 1914 - 1945

HIST 345   Charlemagne

MUSC 235    Bach, Händel, and the Baroque Style

MUSC 325    Beethoven

POLS 215   Contemporary European Governments and Politics

POLS 325   European Integration

REL 232   Faith after the Holocaust


If a First Year Experience is offered by the German Department, it may be counted toward the major.

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